Donald Beaudry

Developer WOA

What is WOA?

WOA stands for War of Attrition, a military term I feel best describes how WOA technology functions.

My name is Donald Beaudry and I'm the developer of WOA.  WOA has just launched a new model in August 2020 called WOACP, War of Attrition Crystal Palace.  This has been a project of mine for many years now.  WOACP is the fusing of my proprietary Ai technologies with 

quantum formatting to generate AWP, Absolute Winning Positions.  Do to the new 

advancements in technology along with my proprietary systems architecture, this is now possible. 

WOACP is ideal for professional investors who are long term, high net worth individuals and funds.



(War of Attrition Crystal Palace)

What can WOACP do in the financial markets? - produce completely accurate positioning, not sometimes or most of the time, but on every single position entered into, up to this point. In essence, no more losses.


WOACP is set up to trade on the currency markets. This model and process is made possible 

by what I refer to as quantum bridge tunneling.  My system is able via cloud computing to connect real time data flow into a quantum system - this coupled with my proprietary architecture and system WOACP, we are able to accurately know, for brief moments, where the market will be, at certain times in the future.  

State of Infrastructure  


   (as of August 1, 2020)

  • Error Rate To Date (0%)

  • Number Of Trade Losses To Date (0%)

  • Win Rate To Date (100%)

  • Gross ROI Average Expected  (18-38% annual basis)







For a full breakdown of our memorandum and term sheet, please contact, Donald Beaudry, Developer of WOA Technologies.




Minimum Investment 

WOACP quantum model is only for long term professional investors who are high net worth individuals or funds.

WOACP USD Minimum Account Opening $1,000,000.





Go Further?

For more information or to become a potential client, contact myself, Donald Beaudry, directly:

"One of the difficulties in using quantum computers at this time

in history - is that they are unstable.  The vast majority of time the quantum computations being explored can not process and run properly do to many factors - such as the crippling of errors in the form of noise, faults and loss of quantum coherence, which are all essential for a quantum calculation to function -

solutions to these challenges in developing WOACP -

we have explored - and solved."

-Donald Beaudry | Developer WOA