"At WOA we don't make mistakes.
We don't do, random."
  Donald Beaudry

What happens in the world is always effecting financials - the key is to know how it moves the market (Geneva, USA & Russia Summit, June 16, 2020)

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Neuromorphic Engineering - The framework behind the inner design of WOA - This is the concept and capability to be able to mimic a computer and set of algorithms to think like a human, but with a 5 digit IQ.  The result is the capability to accurately with tactical precision, trade in the markets on an unprecedented scale of profitability, which I call, War of Attrition, WOA.

WOA calculates - every millisecond and reacts instantly < if > WOA should be in a long or short position or stay on the sidelines - This continues at 

every interval in the market, endlessly - repeating what is referred to as, WOA.

For those seeking the financial industries transformative technology in every metric at the frontier of accelerate science and Ai, to interrogate every predictive possibility.






What is WOA?

WOA in its current form was first officially launched in 2018.  The name 

WOA stands for War of Attrition, a military term I feel best describes how WOA technology functions.

My name is Donald and I'm the developer of WOA.  WOA is a technology based group dealing with Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Machine Learning (ML) Deep Learning (DL) and Quantum (Q), proprietary technologies. The goal

of WOA is to create the most optimal, efficient and profitable way, to run an electronic, automated trading system in the currency markets.  

WOA's base line system is WOA, which runs on our proprietary linear 

algorithm.  WOA's algorithms are a new approach to emulate the human brain's interaction on how a top trader would trade - but as if the trader had super computer capability to analyze the markets, have an 5 digit IQ and be able to access 100% of the brains ability to put everything together in real time, as the markets move.  WOA trades in a systematic approach, trading on our client accounts.  This is a highly risk adverse, conservative

model, that is asymmetrical in nature.  WOA has the potential to provide 

overall solid profitable returns, on an a consistent basis.

What is traded by WOA?

WOA trades only the EURUSD major cross pair in the spot forex leverage OTC market.  This asset class, EURUSD, is traded by WOA on several different levels from un-leveraged to leveraged.  This is what we specialize in and are completely focused on - no other currency pairs, stocks, no futures, no options, no other financial instrument, solely the EURUSD cross pair.

WOA trades are based on probability and statistics - using Ai applications and custom machine learning algorithms to optimize WOA, to the fullest potential possible.

How big is the EURUSD market?  The currency markets are the largest single market in the world compared to anything, anywhere.  Roughly around 7 trillion USD every 24 hours 5 days a week is traded - and the majority of that is in the EURUSD space.  In terms of liquidity & scalability potential - absolutely nothing compares.


How accurate are WOA's trades, positions that are entered into the market? Extremely accurate, and becoming more and more so, via the advent of our proprietary machine learning algorithms deployed in WOA.  The benefit of this is constant improvements to our already solid overall profitable electronic system - that is able to constantly push forward - with increased value to our clients accounts - with as tight as down side risk potential - as possible.





What can WOA do for you?


Generate Alpha.  The team at WOA manages your account around the clock. Our goal is to insure our model, WOA, runs seamlessly and overall profitable on your account, producing with pin point computerized 

accuracy, positive strong gains in the financial markets.





WOA runs directly on clients own accounts, in their own name, via an electronic connection based in the cloud - the financial engineers running WOA take care and manage everything.






"WOA is considered one of the top 15 most important Ai start ups in the financial industry." - The Daily Chronicle news agency

"Ai trading, WOA is one of the top 10 Ai companies changing the way we trade in the markets" - TechSpective news agency

"Artificial Intelligence is to trading what fire was to the caveman.  WOA has taken that fire and made the next giant leap in trading."

- Builtin Tech news agency

"WOA is a major tech disruptor to watch in the coming years." - Hong Kong FinTech conference, SwissNex news agency

"WOA is the clear leader in trading technology in Ai and machine learning

in the global currency markets." - Arabian Business GCC news agency

For more information on media and promotional material on WOA, view our media section link.





Go Further?


WOA's models are for long term professional investors who are individuals, hedge funds, financial advisories, family offices and fund to funds.  If you're interested in possibly opening an account, let me know.

                                                                                        Donald Beaudry 

                                                                                        Developer | WOA


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