WOAQB1A Stock Trading Model

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Trading Model                                          

What is WOAQB1A?  

War of Attrition Quantum Beta 1 Apple shares model.  WOAQB1A model is a proprietary trading system developed by Donald Beaudry.  WOAQB1A is connected to a live proprietary quantum system with Ai applications that allows for unprecedented forward looking market viewing.




Why Apple? 

For all the obvious reasons, the most valuable US company ever.  Over 200 billion USD in cash reserves, most popular products on the planet and arguably the best run company, ever.  AAPL is the largest, and most liquid, capitalized company in the US market. 




How does this work?

To start a conversation about possibly becoming a client of WOA, contact myself, Donald Beaudry.

How profitable is this?

​   Account Offered WOAQB1A

  • 100% accurate to date.

  • No errors to date.

  • 2019 gross live returns, excess 130%.

  • Minimum Account Opening USD $10,000,000.

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Quantum Ai Technology

by WOA

Warren Buffett, 

CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

on Apple Shares


"I don't think of Apple as a stock. I think of it as our third business," Buffett said on Squawk Box."

"It's probably the best business I know in the world. And that is a bigger commitment that we have in any business except insurance and the railroad," Buffett said.

Buffett said he wished he bought Apple long before he did: "I should have appreciated it earlier."