WOA'S US Stock Trading Model

          Model: WOAXA

WOAXA                              2019 Returns +130%

Hedge Fund                       Average Quarterly Return +32%

Apple                                   Maximum Quarterly Drawdown 0%

Trading Model                    Minimum Account Opening USD 1m                         

What is WOAXA?  WOAXA is an acronym that refers to our trading system for Apple shares traded by WOA.  WOA's Ai trading system is now available for clients who want to trade in Apple (AAPL) shares on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Shares are traded in a long short systematic model powered by our Ai ML trading system WOA.





Why Apple? 

For all the obvious reasons, the most valuable US company ever.  Over 200 billion USD in cash reserves, most popular products on the planet and arguably the best run company, ever.  AAPL is the largest, and most liquid, capitalized company in US market. 





How does this work?

WOAXA shares are traded by WOA on a systematic long, short fully automated Ai proprietary system designed and created by Donald Beaudry, developer of WOA.  

To become a potential client in our WOAXA model, simply email us your full name, email address, phone number, geographic location and amount interested in investing.  

When we receive your email, we will email you an invitation link to be in our model.  This application will connect you with our brokerage firm. The application, once submitted, will include your proof of ID and address.  This data goes directly to our brokerage.  Once verified and approved you will be given funding information.  Upon receipt of said funds you will be open to trade.  Most importantly, you will be in control of your account at all times. You should further know your account is fully segregated and, at all times, you will have the ability to move and/or withdraw any, or all of your funds at any time.

How profitable is this?

2019 full year live trading returns were over 130% on WOAs stock trading model.

Average quarterly gross returns and declines to date are composed of live and

composite data from 2018-2020.

  Account Offered

  • WOAXA US Stock Trading System.

  • Fee's charged are on quarterly net positive returns.

  • Gross average quarterly positive returns 2018-2020 (32%).

  • Gross maximum drawdown at the close of any one quarter (0%).


If you're interested in becoming a client of WOAXA email us:  info@woa.technology

include your full name, phone, geographic location and amount interested in funding.

Trade differently


pin point Ai accuracy

powered by WOA

Warren Buffett, 

CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

on Apple Shares


"I don't think of Apple as a stock. I think of it as our third business," Buffett said on Squawk Box."

"It's probably the best business I know in the world. And that is a bigger commitment that we have in any business except insurance and the railroad," Buffett said.

Buffett said he wished he bought Apple long before he did: "I should have appreciated it earlier."

WOA Fully Automated Ai Managed Apple Trading Account