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War of Attrition (WOA) was developed and is managed by the developer of WOA, Donald Beaudry. This highly sophisticated Ai trading system is the next 'alpha generator' of trading in the markets.


WOA daily reviews thousands of potential trade set ups and analyzes the possible trades to determine their viability through ML, machine learning.  Determining the viability of WOA's trades is done in real time using an electronic check off list to see if a trade qualifies for execution at that exact moment. Flash technology is used to analyze a stringent and rigorous proprietary check list developed exclusively by the developer of WOA, Donald Beaudry.  If a potential trade doesn't meet our exacting grey box model systems metric, a position is not entered into by WOA.  WOA is a fully automated system which requires no human involvement.


It should be noted, when a trade is entered into, a precise stop-loss level is pre-determined.  This stop-loss calculation uses a purely mathematical paradigm.  If breached the trade is exited. The end result is an extremely accurate trading system featuring consistent year to year positive returns with exceptional risk management techniques incorporated into and driving results.

WOA, using flash technology, is constantly analysing when, and if, it is time to be entering into a short or long position.  When all our criteria is met, then and only then, is a position taken.  WOA takes in real time data and analyses it in microseconds to determine if a position should be taken or not.  The end result is overall extremely accurate trading with minimal down side risk.



Live Stream Historical Backtesting (LSHB) is a proprietary method of back testing for WOA developed by the developer of WOA, Donald Beaudry.  This proprietary method allows for unprecedented analysis in multiple level viewing of past and present data using machine learning.


More Information?

For a more in-depth explanation of WOA, please feel free to contact Donald Beaudry, Developer of WOA, to set up a potential virtual meeting anytime. WOA is a highly sophisticated system that may need more in depth explanation for a more complete understanding. 

WOA | specs

(1) WOA can operate and be connected to one-click systems as well

as Electronic Communication Networks (ECN's) and Straight-Through

Processing (STP).

(2) WOA trades on a (long/short) model only.

(3) WOA is fully automated. 

(4) WOA is a grey box subset (narrowAi) technology.

(5) WOA has a preprogrammed set of fixed protocol caches.

(6) WOA can operate either on a leveraged or un-leveraged model.

(7) WOA is a non-seasonal trading model.

(8) WOA has iceberg order capability.

(9) WOA is managed and operated electronically through the

cloud from anywhere.










Leverage Ratio Gauge  

Potential Gross Annual Profits & Drawdowns

(Last updated August-2020, Updated Periodically)

  • Average Annual Gross Return To Date (AAGR)

  • Maximum Gross Drawdown To Date (MGDTD)

(For MGDTD contact Donald Beaudry for a full 

breakdown of details)

Returns compiled on full annual data, from 1st to last

day of each year on compilation of previous trading

records. WOA Ai ML accounts are designed for high

net worth individuals and funds in a non-disclosure

(NDA) format.

Level 5 AAGR 158%  

Level 4 AAGR  74%   

Level 3 AAGR  32%   

Level 2 AAGR  17% 

Level 1 AAGR  8% 


WOA Ai ML System is a semi systematic model that is fully 

automated and run by WOA.  There are periods over any 

12 month cycle where WOA becomes more or less 

active, in terms of positions being executed. WOA

generally has several periods, 2 to 3 where the bulk of 

the positive returns occur during any 12 month cycle. In

WOA, there are winning and loosing positions, however,

WOA has remained an overall profitable system.

WOA minimum account opening USD $1,000,000

WOA Ai ML cloud based trading system can connect to client accounts world wide.  Client accounts are all in a segregated fashion based in the clients own name.  WOA is a fully automated systematic linear algorithm that is fully built out and developed by Donald Beaudry.  WOA screens out all human emotion in trading - WOA is not based on fundamental, technical or quantamental methodology, but on probability and statistics.  

Can Machines Think?  short answer - no & yes

Is WOA a Moonshot?  short answer - yes & no






WOA, a fully automated Ai ML DL trading system, is in many ways able to think and operate on its own.  WOA moves within a certain controlled channel.  WOA thinks, operates and executes within a certain framework and does this faster than any human can.  Key elements to Machine Learning are data analysis referred to as Deep Learning and the channel parameters in which WOA operates. 

In trading in a narrow Ai model, a single objective is worked on to backtest in a computational format repeatedly to obtain the optimal parameters in which to go forward. This process, referred to as Deep Learning (DL), is the exploratory data analysis phase.  It can at first appear to be 

straightforward and logical.  The process in which the data results in an ML system are transferred, from conceptualisation to implementation is very complex.  To build out a system in which all relevant metrics are calculated, is extremely challenging.







Currently we believe trading is, and has been, analogous to throwing darts at a board. 

We don't throw darts at a board. 

WOA trades, and takes positions, by utilizing advanced technologies (Ai/ML), which have proven remarkably reliable and prescient.  Today, WOA knows a tremendous amount of risk can now be much more readily recognised and understood by employing these latest technologies. 

Considerable time and research developing and incorporating these technologies into our platform has been put forward.  We are now confident that not only has risk been dramatically reduced but that reward has been greatly enhanced. WOA, we believe, is at the forefront of this trading revolution because of this.

What Question 

Should an Investor Always Ask?

Most Investors and Traders ask, how much can I make?  The question should

be, how much can I lose?  What are the risks associated with making X amount? 

WOA is an asymmetrical risk adverse conservative platform.

The Power of Ai & ML


Machine learning applications are absolutely paramount and an integral part of trading in todays financial markets.  Without ML, we are unable to see the markets in a vast number of dimensions that otherwise, would not be clear.  The catalyst that makes these types of algorithms possible and run are the advent of super computer capabilities, memory, processors, and the ability to process in parallel tandem with other components and computers.

Key turning points in the markets are always forming, the question is, can you see them?  The answer is generally no.  ML can identify in real time, trends, patterns and entry points what can not be put together by humans, in real time.

WOA Systems can be streamlined through Bloomberg Professional Terminal 

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