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What is WOA?

WOA stands for War of Attrition, a military term we feel best describes how our Ai trading system functions.

WOA constantly, through attrition and artificial intelligence, markets in real time. It is programmed to 

simultaneously look for reasons not to be in the market while seeking certain criteria which overrides and tells us we

should be in the market.  Our programming, modeling and philosophy is both prudent and conservative.  We seek, first and foremost, the preservation of capital while constantly seeking to capitalize on those special situations which will result in worthwhile returns.


WOA is the next advancement in the world of trading. It is an asymmetrical risk/reward management process that provides for a significant profit potential.


WOA is ideally set up to run on client accounts which can be individuals, fund to fund, hedge funds, financial advisories, family offices, corporate investing and sovereign wealth funds.

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Donald Beaudry | WOA Developer from California & Ni Kadek Yuni,

nicknamed Debbie - WOA's Lead Director from Bali, Indonesia are the

founders and managers of WOA

"WOA is designed and built to be overall profitable in any market environment."

-Donald Beaudry | Developer WOA


New Improvements and revisions 2020?

The developers of WOA in early 2020 have created 

WOA-SRS which stands for Seismic Retrofitting 

Stabiliser (SRS).  SRS is a proprietary technology of WOA that is able to calculate 

abnormal market behaviour.   End result, more overall sensitive accurate calculations 

and profitable trading with less risk in the process.

Managed Accounts Offered?

WOA has two different types of accounts.  The first is a US stock trading system.  The second is a Forex trading system.  Both are powered by WOA.

(#1) WOA Fully Automated Ai US Stock Managed Account 

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(#2) WOA Fully Automated Ai Forex Managed Account

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What is the difference between black box trading systems and WOA?


"WOA is a true Ai trading system where the core of the system, the neural network components, mimic 

human emotion and reaction.  Components, such as endless computational power, give WOA a 5 digit IQ to examine, calculate, reevaluate, consider and to take into account a multitude of scenarios.  This amazing advancement in computational power, coupled with our Ai and ML advances, gives us unmatched abilities to recognize more quickly than others the best direction as to where the market is going.  These new nascent abilities are what is at the core of WOA. 

Some confuse Ai with a black box trading system.  However, these 2 different trading systems are vastly different.  Black box trading systems generally run on fixed protocol algorithms x=1.2 ax=2.4, short, long, 0.  This singular advancement, referenced above is now, and into the foreseeable future, the closest thing to being Artificial General Intelligence - tomorrows gold standard to successful forex trading.  WOA is now an entity with unparalleled insights and weapons to navigate and attack the forex markets.  And it can now do so to gain overall profitability while exhibiting as little drawdown as possible.  This is so because the aforementioned attributes are at the core of the neural network built into WOA."

Donald Beaudry | Developer WOA


has created new and innovative applications in Ai

"Ai today is reshaping the financial markets to the stuff thought not possible.

Ai is the future and the now."

Donald Beaudry | Developer WOA


WOA Sample Chart Images

<WOA Updates June 29>

Planes are grounded, factories, stores and restaurants are shuttered. The world is in lock down.  Yet forex, the lifeblood of all industrial economies, is smoothly humming along. Over 7 trillion dollars a day globally is traded in these markets making it the largest market in the world.  WOA trades in three EUR/USD markets where 70% of all such trades globally takes place. This provides tremendous liquidity.  Liquidity is the life blood and essential for markets to run properly. Because of this there are never lock downs in these markets.  When markets are simply not tradeable, or market volatility goes beyond a certain risk factor, WOA has the special skills Ai and ML provides us with. We only enter markets when there is minimal risk and maximum profit potential.  In the alternative Ai and ML enables us to exit in a timely manner.  Preservation of capital is our highest priority.

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Trying to understand markets is kind of like trying to figure out how to build a circuit board.  Even if you think you've got it right there are always questions, concerns and surprises.  Out of the box thinking, especially today, is absolutely essential to understanding how and why markets move in certain directions. Experience tells us there is always more than conventional wisdom, practices and procedures.  WOA, we are now pleased to announce, is now structured to go beyond those current norms, philosophies, practices and methods.  WOA is now designed to anticipate, not react, to today's market dynamics and complexities. How did this come about? Prior to 2020 to do so the computational power and technology was simply not available. Today, WOA has captured these advancements and is utilizing them in its platforms and programs.