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The videos below illustrate and discuss the pros, cons and risks of using new Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Machine Learning (ML) and high frequency trading - flash

technology.  An important thread throughout these videos is the emphasis on the rapidity in which these technologies are evolving and advancing - videos, changed periodically.

Financial Markets are literally on the verge of a seismic shift.  Traditional trading methods, almost universally predicated on either "fundamental" or "technical" analysis, are now quickly becoming antiquated.  Ai trading systems, quite simply put, are the next paradigm in trading financial markets and their arrival is imminent.

Because of quantum leaps in computer power, Ai can now produce more profitable returns and execute as never before.  The ability to absorb, digest and direct huge amounts of data, as well as improvements in algorithms and software libraries, such as tensorflow is facilitating this advancement.  Ai and ML are now at the forefront of the next generation of mainstream trading.  These new advances have arrived so quickly that even two years ago they would have seemed unattainable.


Mark Cuban says the first trillionaire will be someone who masters Ai - he may be correct.

In summary, those investors who are able to utilise a system like WOA will likely be in the next generation of successful investors.  

"Clients all the time ask me what's the latest in Ai, FinTech....and of 

course what's new on Wall Street in this area of new technologies

...below are a collection of energetic eclectic videos that discuss and expand on these topics...giving the viewer a glimpse into how fast our world is changing."

Donald Beaudry

Developer WOA