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Actively seeking Venture Capital funding for my

vision of the future of trading in the financial markets.

My vision, goal, clear cut delusional aim is to create a 

fully directional trading system, via Quantum Ai proprietary

applications in which I'm working on.  Looking for a VC

fund as absurd as maybe, I am. 

Future Technological Impossibilities_

WOA to WOAQB Vision (hard, but attainable, changing the 

paradigm to what is possible) A fully quantum directional idea>




Actively seeking venture capital partners and or potential collaborations




         < The Future of FinTech Unimagined     

             Pushing the boundary of impossibility 

             and human understanding to

             Financial Singularity >  

<Elon Musk reinvented the auto industry, Mark Zuckerberg defined what

social media can be, Bill Gates brought us the software that changed the

world, Steve Jobs made the products everyone wants - and WOA

Developed by Donald Beaudry, will redefine the concept of making money

on Wall Street>

For information regarding Venture Capital & Investor Relations opportunities

within WOA, contact, Donald Beaudry.

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"The craziest,

most absurd and ridiculous idea in financial markets is to try and build a system that would produce all winning directional positions.

What would that mean if it could be achieved ? 

What would it mean if we had no respect for the status quo, for traditional linear thinking and for the perceptions of impossibility in the financial markets. What if we were able - so to speak - to bend light and price - and to change programmable matter in claytronics in the markets.  

Could we hit

financial singularity ?

It sounds like the stuff of

Star Wars

but what would it mean to be first in our galaxy -  with jedi like skills  ? 

Everything is impossible until it has been achieved.  What if technology today - not last year - opened up windows, corridors and dimensions which no one even considered to travel ?

Is it possible in trading to move from overall profitability and then to extrapolate to linear - to exponential - to

tetration ?

What if everyone is distracted with conforming to the norm ? 

What if, instead of accepting the norm, we were able to redefine the molecular properties of the financial markets.  What if we now find ourselves on the cusp of doing just that  ? 

Charles Duell in 1899 famously said "Everything that can be invented has been invented."

Could Charles Duell have been wrong ? "

Donald Beaudry

Developer WOA 







                   quadratic speed-up compared to

                   classical Monte Carlo simulations

Donald Beaudry

Developer WOA

Born in California

Futurist & Technologist

"My vision since the 80's - was to invent a way using technology - that could produce all winning positions in trading the financial markets.

Crazy?  Maybe.  Possible?  Very."

-Donald Beaudry

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Venture Capital Investors