<I first got hooked on video games in the 80s while living in California - it was all the rage and it was an awesome time.  In 1983 the movie 'War Games' was released and the Ai system WOPR in the film was unreal - I thought this was the coolest thing ever - up to that point.  The only form of the internet was ARPANET - no real personal computers, no iPhones, everything seemed prehistoric compared to today - not many outlets for creativity.  I was learning how to code back then in 'logo' on my school's computer, and that was about it - the stone ages / C++/Java/Python/ weren't even invented>


<Jump to 2020 - Things are moving a little faster...'Ray Kurzweil & Peter Diamandis' from the Singularity University say technology is accelerating now at an exponential rate - they are exactly right - The speed of technological change can be seen and felt now in every corner of the globe.  On Wall Street you could say trading is also going to be transformed like nothing imagined>

<What is driving this surge and capabilities in Ai Deep Learning is the computational computer power that is now available. Today we have super computers that have millions of times more computational power which is one of the cornerstones of the Ai revolution.  Some of the base line strategies and parameters that are in WOA that would have taken literally hundreds of years to develop, we were able to discover in a month via applications in machine learning>


<The rise of speed, improvements in algorithms and the vast collection capability in data has allowed the creation of WOA, War of Attrition, (Ai_ ML_ DL_) trading system.  WOA in many respects is like WOPR, War Operational Plan Response in the movie War Games.  Both systems take in data, analyze it in virtually unlimited ways - angles and dimensions - and does this in microseconds producing the overall most optimal mathematical way to proceed> 

<WOA today can be used to produce consistent profitable returns. WOA can also, if properly re-calculated, be reprogrammed and, if properly funded, can be set to put extensive pressure even on a country's currency - using advanced game theory strategies to produce chaotic abnormal market behaviour (fused with proprietary quantum 

tunnelling technology I have created) - thus allowing for windows of potential opportunity. This can all be done from anywhere in the world on a lap top with access to the internet > a lot of applications exist with WOA.  As a trading platform - WOA is viral, we don't need anyone's permission to run WOA and WOA can't be stopped - similar in some ways to block-chain.  It's like a decentralized autonomous system within the system running on a multilayer cross sectional cloud.  In some countries some companies cannot operate both on line or on the ground.   WOA can be in any tradable market - no visa or passport required." 

Donald Beaudry 

Developer  WOA

How does a Ai-ML system like WOA or WOPR function?

Generally, the breakdown is in the process chain for any sort of

machine learning system.  

(1) data gathering and intake 

(2) data learning

(3) strategy creation

(4) backtesting, staging, demo simulations

(5) productionisation of the model from demo to a live format 

(6) monitoring

Machine Learning systems are in its basic sense - simple.  

What is sometimes most complicated will enviably be moving

the system from a demo to a live format and accounting for all

the potential variable changes. 


systems architecture is a central key element of building out an Ai ML

computational statistical trading system


<data simulation neural net> 

the process chain 

data is received,

data is analysed,

data is processed,

data is sub-categorised,

data is then reformatted,

data is trained,

data is calibrated,

data is implemented,

data is executed>

Post Organizational

Aggregate Data Processing 

white-box | gray-box 

format debugging 

straight through processing 


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War Operations Plan Response




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