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Donald Beaudry 

Developer WOA


                                Ni Kadek Yuni

                                Account Manager 



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   Donald Beaudry & Ni Kadek Yuni

                                       Founders, Developers, WOA


Donald who was born in California is in charge of all technical aspects and development of WOA. Kadek who is originally from Bali, Indonesia, also works on WOA and is the Accounts Manager.

Both Donald & Kadek each bring to the table a cache of information into the financial markets in a variety of fields from trading, to financial engineering, to hedge fund management.  

Donald Beaudry

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Primarily based out of London. Developer of Ai ML trading systems and alternative applications in financial markets. Creator of IMGT, Irregular Market Gyrations Technology, to create and gauge abnormal market seismic fluctuations. Developer & Inventor of WOA Technology.

Donald has developed electronic trading systems and worked on various optimisation of trading models at different brokerages and banks for trading groups and funds for models based at Citibank Singapore, Dukascopy Bank in Geneva, Saxo Bank in Denmark, Alpari in London, JFD Brokerage in Cyprus, HSBC Hong Kong, Barclays Bank London, ADSS in Hong Kong & Abu Dhabi, Interactive Brokers USA, FXDD Malta, UBS Zurich, Credit Suisse London, Charles Schwab USA and on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE).

Donald Beaudry (UK Financial Licensed DJB01639)
Bank of England FCA Financial Conduct Authority Licensed 
Reference Number: DJB01639
CF30 Licensed 3 July 2015


Ni Kadek Yuni

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Kadek has has over 15 years in the financial markets as a currency markets trader, account manger and director of various funds and client accounts.  Kadek has been based in China, Hong Kong, London, California, Colombia, Dubai and various other locations dealing with client accounts and funds.   

An original founder and developer of WOA, Ni Kadek brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to WOA.  She has worked as a key developer in WOA's trading model and has been instrumental in developing advancements and expansion of WOA's trading model and platform.  In addition, she has been a valued contributor in areas of testing and progressions in WOA'S base algorithms.  

Ni Kadek Yuni (UK Financial Licensed NKY01001)

Bank of England FCA Financial Conduct Authority Licensed

Reference Number: NKY 01640

CF30 Licensed 3 July 2015




Past Events & Participations

WOA | Donald Beaudry invited participant in 

ACCENTURE Digital Access to Tokyo Program

Development of new technologies in Ai program 

sponsored by the Japanese Government



Nipponseifu shusai no WOA akusesu to Tokyo




Invited Guest Speaker

Ai-Fintech & Automation Summit

Chennai, India

29 Nov 2018







Changing the paradigm

of trading in the financial markets