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Donald Beaudry

Developer WOA

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Email: info@woa.technology

Skype: donaldbeaudry1

Ni Kadek Yuni 

Account Manager WOA

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Email: info@woa.technology

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WOA London

WOA Technology LTD 

Registered Companies House UK 

Company Number 12494053

Nature of Business:  6300 -

Fund management activities 

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Private limited company

Lisa Sill | Client Relations 


WeWork, 33 Queen Street Place


London, England

Email:  info@woa.technology

Phone:  +44 20 3290 5130

WOA Technology LTD

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WOA Client Relations Advisor

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Marta Casas Zajkowski

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Donald Beaudry 


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For information regarding working with the most innovative start up in the Milky Way in the field of Ai, ML & Quantum Technologies for the financial markets > contact us

  WOA (R&D)

  • Istanbul - Trump Tower, Caddesi No:12, Kule 5, Turkey 34387

Work With Us

The greatest opportunities for the industries sharpest talent.  We are

accepting resumes for interns, full & part time team members in any 

geographic location to work remotely, all ages, formal education or not. We are looking for the most creative tech savvy people to join us in the field of quantum engineering, Ai ML applications - <><<< capability, strategies >>>

and auxiliary applications in the world of trading via building out fully automated linear algorithms in the trading industry.

We want talent,

creative programmers, sophisticated technicians able to work remotely to work with our team on our core technologies in WOA - with the focus on continuous optimisation and pushing the boundaries in new thinking and innovation.



2020 WOA Careers | Join Us

remote working positions

Customize your career path with us.  be -

>motivated by meaning >committed to contribution >devoted to development >work with like minded people >receptive, unbiased, valuing out of the box thinking

If you're interested in working with one of the most creative and innovative (remote working, peer to peer consortium block-chain model) groups on the planet, we would love to hear from you > [if you have the relevant skills]

What we are looking for are unique skills in >

Advanced Computer Programming in (Python, R, C++, Java) & Market Intelligence Ai applications /

such as >

>strategic game theory >military simulations >statistical randomness >probability analysis >quantum computer programming >quantum computing engineering >quantum computing research analysis<

                                                work with us to build 

                                                             the impossible


We do not hire traders and we do not care about your educational background, race, gender, location, origin or age, only what you can create.


We work with students at various grade levels from high school and university onwards // >

on projects and offer the highest rewarding creative financial compensation anywhere. 

Email us your CV / Resume / Skill-Sets

Would like to hear from you. We receive a lot of

applications and mail each week.

Pls have a cup of green tea, relax, we will contact you.


WOA Technology  LTD 

Advanced Quantum Ai Machine Learning Technology

For The Global Financial Markets

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Companies House # 12494053

Nature of Business (SIC): - Fund Management 

Registered Office Address:

WeWork, 33 Queen Street Place, London, UK EC4R 1AP

WOA Technology LTD

License UK Government Companies House link

Bank of England Machine Learning in UK Financial Services link >