How to Open a WOA Fx Managed Account?



WOA is ideally set up to trade on client accounts which can be individuals, fund to fund, hedge funds, financial advisories and family offices.

1- Email WOA your name, email, phone, geographic location, WOA Level you would like your account to be in and how much you would like to fund your account.  WOA email:

2- We will email you an invitation link from our broker for you to open your account up with.  Applications are simple and straightforward. 

3- Once your account is open, fund your account.

4- When your account is finally open and funded, we will connect our trading system WOA to your account. After WOA is connected to your account - trading will start and run on the level selected.

  WOA  2020 Levels

  • WOA default model Sharpe ratio 3.2

  • No account opening fee

  • No management fee

  • Commission charged quarterly on net profits

  • Level #  (5-1)

  • Average quarterly gross return  (AQGR)   

  • Level# 5   54%  AQGR           

  • Level# 4    27%  AQGR            

  • Level# 3  13.5% AQGR            

  • Level# 2   6.75% AQGR         

  • Level# 1   3.37% AQGR      


Returns are based on a composite collection of the returns of WOA from 2018 till present from both live and simulated data on an overall average basis.  Information is constantly being updated.  Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Information is current as of June 19, 2020.


System X2.0

WOA can build out exclusive custom specifications 

for client parameters - more conservative or aggressive - 

by adjusting the sharp ratio and leverage of WOA.





Model: WOA2020Fx


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