WOACP Currency Account

WOA is ideally set up to run on professional client accounts, for long term investors who are high net worth individuals and funds.

To potentially become a client of WOA, please contact myself directly, Donald Beaudry.  

Bullet Point Details 


  • Error Rate To Date (0%)

  • Drawdown To Date (0%)

  • Trades Reaching Stop Loss To Date  (0%)

  • Winning Positions To Date (100%)

  • Minimum Account Opening USD 1m

  • Standard Hedge Fund 2/20 fee structure

  • Lock up period, 12 month

  • Gross ROI Average Expected (18-38%)


(War of Attrition Crystal Palace)

<optimising the optimizer through quanvolutional

neural networks in quanvolutional network remodification

and filter arbitration in a quantum IBM cloud system with

ai applications>



Donald Beaudry

Developer WOA

contact: info@woa.technology

"Imagine if you can make minute to minute, real time stock predictions, based on data from every trade, ever made?"

-The Economist

-Quantum Superpositions-

This allows for WOACP, for brief moments in the future, in the past, to have unprecedented viewing of coming market sequencing