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WOA|CP System

tomorrows quotes today

not predictive, but the ability to foreglimpse 

What is WOA|CP?

Where WOA stops WOA|CP starts.  This is a completely separate system from WOA and the overall nature of the model runs very differently.

WOA|CP is a fusing of our existing technology at WOA.  This would be a linear algorithm trading in the currency markets into a systematic fashion and quantum technology application.  This type of modelling and programming allows for the unimaginable approach of viewing coming market moves.  At the core, quantum elements are counterintuitive to classic trains of thought as to how things should be, work and play out.  The advantage to using these types of technologies is the ability for accuracy and profitability, never before achieved in the financial markets. 

The process of quantum optimization is referred to as quantum annealing - this is where human and classical computer capability stops and quantum counterintuitive sub-reality leaps into the future of, crosss layer optimization. 

Annealing or anneal offsets has the potential in building out algorithms to improve performance up to 1000 times for certain problems in quantum systems >

Benefits to this reverse engineering method are incalculable in quantum financial modelling. 

In WOA|CP the mixture of using classical and quantum computers allows both for a probabilistic vs deterministic approach using quantum entanglement to not predict, but see, where we will be, not probably be, at a certain point in the future.  This is called quantum entanglement - the ability to bridge foresight into the future - in this case, where financial 

markets will be at certain moments in the future, in the past - this is 

quantum bridge tunnelling - WOA|CP. 


(War of Attrition Crystal Palace)

<optimising the optimizer through quanvolutional

neural networks in quanvolutional network remodification

and filter arbitration in a quantum IBM cloud system with

ai applications>

Quantum Computer Development

& WOA|CP Demo QC Circuit Program




Venture Capital proposal


At WOA I'm seeking Venture Capital partners to bring my vision, of transforming WOA from a pure Ai system, to an what is considered an impossible, unrealistic, crazy idea to have every position in a trading system be a winning one, via quantum applications > the very idea makes most people in the financial industry roll their eyes - but the potential is far more realistic than most people have any idea.  

If you are a serious Venture Capital firm, have funding, 

guts and vision, contact me, lets talk...  

Donald Beaudry

WOA Developer

+ information

please see below

a glimpse into some of the capabilities, process & possibilities with incorporating quantum technologies into WOA

the goal would be to create a (quantum directional trading system) where at every turn - in a systematic approach - the exact direction of the market is pre-calculated producing flawless entry and exit points 

the result of this, if achieved, would change everything 


"Imagine if you can make minute to minute, real time stock predictions, based on data from every trade, ever made?"

 -The Economist

Quantum Superposition

This allows for WOA|CP, for brief moments in the future, in the past,

to have unprecedented viewing of coming market sequencing

Screen Shot 2563-08-30 at 06.45.41.png
Screen Shot 2563-08-29 at 23.07.15.png


<quantum ai programming 

for illustration purposes>            


                                                                                     Quantum Convolutional Codes

>SILQ base line first high level language

developed in Zurich, Switzerland

>Experimental fusing of classical

computer programming

with quantum technology

"Quantum Computers are radically different

  > With potential to solve problems beyond 

     today's classical computers

  > In areas like materials and drug discovery

  > Financial Services and Artificial Intelligence



CES Las Vegas 2018 IBM Quantum Computer Display >

DNA sequencing and dissecting of the financial markets through quantum Ai engineering

Pushing the boundary past the theoretical line of reality


When applying quantum computing applications to classical algorithms we can explore certainties that are not visible in the physical world.  When looking for absolutes, basically what is the next sequence, the future, this can only be achieved by changing the process of calculation - Going down this road requires ingenuity and a mercurial sense and capability to properly arrange the data stream. 

Through particle separation and 

realignment of quantum bits >

we can see futures movements at certain times in the past.  Hadamard (H) gates in quantum computing are the function and driver of the viewpoint into coming sequencing.


In a financial chart you have past data, which is static - this is however not exactly true - as everything is playing out at the exact same time - this may seem illogical - but not in the quantum world where 

everything is relative - as a result, where we are going in the financial markets can be pre-known.

Screen Shot 2563-10-28 at 05.26.27.png

"Technologies that currently run on classical computers can expertly find patterns and insights buried in vast amounts of existing data - but quantum computers will deliver solutions where patterns can not be seen because sufficient data does not exist or the possibilities for discovering an optimal answer are too enormous to ever be processed by a classical computer

- they can help the financial services industry make better investments by finding new ways to model financial data and isolate key global risk factors." -IBM

Why do we need quantum computers?



"Quantum computers are fundamentally different than classical computers.  Classical computers are perfect for almost every application and will always probably be with us far out into the future - Quantum computers however are the next level in optimisation for certain calculations - this is because of the way in which quantum computers run - Quantum computers can have the ability to generate answers to impossibly complex problems that classical computers no matter how fast they are, how well they are programmed, they simply can not compete do to ability of the quantum computer to explore every conceivable possibility at the same time | this capability is a God like vantage point into other directions including the ability to see into the future.  Quantum computers can and will change the game in the financial industry by making certain kinds of classical intractable problems,


Overall result for applications in the financial markets? 'Advantage in Optimisation', not possible by humans or classical computers".

                                                                                          -Donald Beaudry | Developer WOA