The fusing of proprietary Ai

applications with quantum technology

exploring what has never been possible







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Artificial Intelligence

Why Artificial Intelligence is a Game-Changer for the Financial Markets?




​In the 2000s artificial intelligence, better known as quant trading, was only possible with the big trading brokerages who could afford to spend millions on advanced computers. They also moved these networks as close as possible to the market trading floors physically to gain micro fractions of a second advantage on orders due to the length of the fiber optics connections. 



Today, so many guards and filters have been built on such activity, the advantage of being 10 feet or 1 mile away from a trading floor makes no difference with the Internet. Connection, obviously still matters, but technology improvements have clearly become the great equalizers for those with the know-how to leverage the programming tools. 



Via programming that actually learns and begins to predict potential patterns, WOA gives a trader the electronic ability to move forward on investments versus being a seat in the audience as the market changes.





How a Machine Learning System Improves Your Position?

For years computers have relied on specific programming and vast amounts of scripting to anticipate scenarios and “understand” how to respond accordingly. This kind of programming, however, can only respond to known situations, and it often fails under pressure when faced with new, unknown variables and factors. 



However, artificial intelligence and machine learning system development are beginning to make major breakthroughs with probability and real-time learning. The capabilities of the modern trader are boosted exponentially when it comes to market monitoring, position flagging, change opportunity identification and in-the-moment order execution. 



All of these electronic and automated advantages are now becoming possible and available with WOA, a unique technology market tool that didn’t exist just a few years ago.



"Leader of Ai will rule the world." - Vladimir Putin

"I am telling you, the worlds's first trillionaires are

going to come from somebody who masters Ai and

all its derivatives, and applies it in ways we never 

thought of." - Mark Cuban

"All trading systems and strategies I have seen are

generally myopic. - The ability to deploy

Ai, ML  applications properly - truly are the divide where long

term sustainable profits in the financial markets, start."

- Donald Beaudry  | WOA

Wave 2


(back burner WOACP, 13.8 billion year idea -

God like vantage point for the financial markets)

Future Technologies Today, WOACP



Quantum technologies are still in their infancy, however, potential opportunities exist. Quantum computers if properly programmed and formatted - can solve questions in ways classical computers of today could ever achieve - this is because quantum computers can run calculations exponentially faster in an infinite number of explorations, all at the same time - this coupled with using a different paradigm than today's binary computers makes it possible, in certain situations, to develop answers and solutions that move light years ahead, in some cases,

beyond human comprehension.


For a glimpse into what might be possible with the merging of certain applications within

quantum and Ai technologies - for the world of the financial markets > 

to boldly go where no one has gone before... 

contact Donald Beaudry | Developer WOA 

"WOA's new proprietary technology in quantum tunnelling is at the theoretical ceiling for what is possible today in the financial markets fusing ai & quantum applications - streamlined flawless perfect positioning to date - what would come after that?  - quantum directional> where every move in the future can be seen in the past...

What other applications could this type of technology be potentially used for? The ability to know your life span, who will win the next presidential election, are there other life forms in the universe out there and where - is the universe infinite or finite - the ability to take down the casinos in

Las Vegas....unimaginable complex calculations that possibly,

shouldn't be able to be solved." 

-Developed by Donald Beaudry