Welcome to WOA

WOA calculates the status of the financial markets every 

millisecond and reacts instantly < if > WOA should be in a long or short position or stay on the sidelines. This continues at every interval in the market, endlessly - repeating what is referred to as, War of Attrition, WOA.

WOA's trading system is an extremely risk averse model > while pushing the boundary of profitability < WOA is ideal for hedge funds, fund to funds, family offices, financial advisories and high net worth individuals.  


For those seeking the financial industries most mind -bending rapid military grade, almost exascale 

computational trading system, transformative in every metric at the frontier of accelerate science and Ai to interrogate every conceivable predictive possibility - generating clean cut ALPHA 

For a full understanding of the depth and scope of what WOA can do for your portfolio - please have a full read through the desk top version of our website - if you have any questions, let me know <

Donald Beaudry

Developer WOA